Spring Trail 2017

Posted by on Mar 15, 2017

Hope everybody enjoys the Spring Trail and that the weather will be reasonably good on the 17th – 19th.

Spring Trail 2017 

001     Seat in the garden   [Vandeleur]

002     Spring in bloom [Vandeleur]

003     A gated entrance [Vandeleur or Kilrush]

004     Shopfront(s)   [Kilrush]

005     Boat(s) at the Marina  [Kilrush] 

Things along the way 

006     People on the street

007     Reflection(s)

008     A sea view 

009     Built with stone

010     A window   


  1. A) Photographs to be taken on days determined by the Club Committee.(see E below)
  2. B) Each participant will be allocated a unique letter to be included in the image ( & denotes your letter until you are allocated a letter by the club secretary )

Your best shot of each subject to be numbered as follows:


001-&.jpg for 001 above

002-&.jpg for 002 above and so on to…..

010-&.jpg for 010 above.

Since you will be saving each image in jpeg file type it will not be necessary to type in .jpg.


  1. C) Photographs to be presented on CD or Memory stick with your name and letter on the CD cover or Memory stick, or email to manorphoto@eircom.net by March 24th.
  2. D) File size of each image should be 1024px x 683px for standard sensor

Or 1024px X 768px for bridge, compact, or 4/3 sensors.  Resolution  72ppi.

  1. E) All images must be taken on 17th – 19th March and must be the original work of the participant. Nothing to be imported from previous files or from any other source.
  2. F) Photographs of subjects to be taken as found. ( No props to be added)
  3. G) All images to be taken along the designated route.
  4. H) Respect private property – do not enter without permission.
  5. I) Judging will take place on Mar 27th in the Oakwood Arms Hotel, 7:30pm








Location: Aprox 1km from Kilrush Town on the N67 (Killimer Road)

Opening Times: 9.30 am to 5.00 pm   Admission: Free



The garden is level and there are wide gravel paths throughout. The summer house, Coffee Shop and Gift Shop are wheelchair accessible. A disability restroom is available.


There is extensive parking available for coaches and cars.


Friday, 17th March 2017

1.00 pm    Dog Competition/Face Painting/Music in the Square

2.00 pm   Parade

CAPPAGH (Optional) 

Facing the Marina, turn left onto the R473 Cappagh Road for aprox 1km