Programme September 17th – December 17th 2018

Posted by on Oct 7, 2018

Sept 17th         Welcome back. Photos “My Summer” 3-5 on stick.

Sept 24th        Photo League.     Practical outdoor session around the hotel.

Oct 1st            Photo League.  How to photograph groups.

Oct 8th             Photo League.  Bring 5 nature images on a memory stick.

                        Exercise: Creative Alphabet, 5 images on stick for November 12th.

Oct 15th           AGM.   Gerry Butler’s presentation on his wildlife trip to Brazil.

Oct 20th/21st     National Audio Visual Championships, Arus Chronan, Clondalkin, Dublin. 

Oct 22nd          AV Night. 

Oct 29th           Bank Holiday   No Club.

Nov 5th           Photo League: Theme  Autumn.  Maria O’Brien, Facebook Presentation

Nov 10th          IPF v NIPA Nature Groups projected images competition, 2pm National Botanical Gardens, Dublin. 

Nov 12th         Photo League.    Bring back Alphabet Exercise  of  October 8th.

Exercise:  Night / Low Light images on memory stick for November 26th.

Nov 18th          National Shield, Pobal Scoil Iosolde, Palmerstown, Dublin.  

Nov 19th         Photo League. Monochrome only.   Portfolio of images by three volunteers.

Nov 24th           Distinctions LIT Thurles                        

Nov 26th         Photo League.   Bring back Night / Low Light images, 5 on memory stick.

Dec 3rd            Speaker: Ian Nutt , Analogue Photography.

Dec 10th         Photo League.   Theme: Portrait with props, composites etc.

                        Creative Christmas, 5 images on memory stick

Dec 17th         Christmas night out.