Programme Jan. 9th – Apr 3rd 2023

Posted by on Jan 10, 2023

Jan 9th            Photo League:  Open.

Upload any three images taken over Christmas

Jan 16th         Photo League:   Open

Show two or three Youtube Videos of interest.

Exercise for Jan 23rd:  Fabulous skies.

Jan 23rd           Photo League: Theme  From a low angle.

Send 3            Fabulous skies to  shannoncameraclub@gmail.com  Saturday 21st.

Exercise :  Cracked  for February 13th.

Jan 30th            Photo League: Open – Mono.

                       Practical with candlelight only. Bring cameras, tripods or whatever you need.

Exercise for February 20th:  Where or What.

Feb 6th            No Club – Public Holiday

Feb 13th            Photo League:   Theme: Four (4)

                        Upload 3 images of Cracked to    shannoncameraclub@gmail.com  Saturday 11th.

Feb 20th            Photo League:  Open

                        Upload 3 Where or What images to shannoncameraclub@gmail.com on Sat. 18th

Exercise for March 6th:  Power Lines   

Feb 27th          Get together with Clare Camera club. (details later)

March 6th        Photo League: Theme   Night

Upload  Power Lines  to   shannoncameraclub@gmail.com  on Saturday 4th 

March 13th      Photo League: Open

Give out Spring Trail

March 17th – 20th  Shoot The Spring Trail 

March 20th         No meeting.  Return your Spring Trail images via email or www.wetransfer.com to        shannoncameraclub@gmail.com by midnight on March 25th or sooner.

March 27th      Spring Trail judging night.

April 3rd          Spring Trail Review.  Shot demonsration on “Panning” exercise for April 17th

April 10th        No Club  Easter Monday  and after Easter.

Apr 17th          Photo League: Open

Upload 3 Panning Images  to  shannoncameraclub@gmail.com  on Saturday 15th.

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Programme Sept 19th – Dec 12th 2022

Posted by on Sep 30, 2022

Sept 19th         Welcome back.  Photos “Summer” 3-5 to shannoncameraclub@gmail.com 

Sept  26th        Photo League. Open    

Oct 3rd            Photo League.   Open.   Send 3 photos  from the Burren or Fenloe to shannoncameraclub@gmail.com  on Saturday Oct 1st

Oct 10th           AGM      Photo League: Theme Open Mono.    Presentation on Architecture Photography.

Oct 17th            Photo League:  Theme   Rain

Practical workshop with studio lights. Bring cameras & tripods. 

Oct 24th           Photo League: Open    Send in 3 Architecture images to shannoncameraclub@gmail.com  on Saturday Oct 22nd.                       Exercise for November 21st on the subject of Glass.

Oct 31st            Holiday  No Club

Nov 7th           Photo League: Theme: Maximum of 3 colours

Presentation: How to lay out panels.  Show members L panels.

Nov 14th         Photo League.  Open.       Demonstration of Photoshop Basics.


Nov 21st          Photo League.  Theme:  Autumn

Send in 3 Glass images to shannoncameraclub@gmail.com  on Saturday 19th .

Exercise: 3 Seasonal Images for December 12th

Nov 28th         Photo League.   Open

Presentation on Caving & Burren Photography by Colin Bunce.

Dec 5th           Photo League.   Theme: Landscape

Club members edit on a photo from the Photo League of Sept 26th  to be sent to shannoncameraclub@gmail.com  on Saturday Dec 3rd.

Dec 12th         Photo League: Open Mono

Send in 3  Seasonal Images to shannoncameraclub@gmail.com  on Saturday Dec 10th

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We’re Back September 19th 2022

Posted by on Sep 9, 2022

 The Camera Club will be back as usual in the Oakwood Hotel in the Moher suite at 7:30pm on September 19th, that is the room opposite the room where we normally meet. The get the show on the road it would be good if everyone could send three images to me at manorphotof8@gmail.com by Friday night September 16th We look forward to seeing you all again on the night and for the rest of the year.

New members always welcome. Come on the night or contact  shannoncameraclub@gmail.com,  manorphotof8@gmail.com or 087 2579947.

Nat Club Champs 2018 2 copy

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Programme Sept 14th – Dec 21st 2020

Posted by on Nov 2, 2020

Programme Sept 14th – Dec 21st 2020


Sept 14th         Return Date — delayed due to Covid 19 restrictions.


Sept  21st        No meeting.


Sep 28th          Committee meeting to set parameters for future Zoom meetings.


Oct 5th            Photo League – Open. .    Setting the scene for the immediate future.


Oct 12th          Photo League – Open.       Show 3-5 Summer  Images


Oct 19th          Photo League – Open

                          Show 3 Local Architecture Images


Oct 26th          Public Holiday   No Club.


Nov 2nd          Photo League – Theme:  Autumn

                        Presentation on Still Life  by  Jim Brennan


Nov 6th            National Shield closing date.


Nov 9th           Photo League – Theme:  Still Life.

                        Exercise: Changing of the seasons.  3 images for November 30th.

Show 3 images of shadows  Indoor or Outdoor


Nov 16th          Photo League – Open.

Review Spring Trail Images with Michael O’Brien Clare Camera Club, the Spring Trail Judge.


Nov 23rd          Photo League – Theme: Abstract Reflections.

Presentation by Chris Copley  Ennis Camera Club on his RPS Fellowship.


Nov 30th          Photo League – Open   Mono only

                        Show 3 Changing of the Seasons images

Exercise: Night Photos, 3 images for December 14th


Dec 7th            Photo League – Winter Trees

                        Presentation on Travel Photography by Maria O’Brien


Dec 14th         Photo League – Open

Show 3 Night Photos.


Dec 21st           Photo League – Motion.  Christmas Chit Chat.


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Liam Cleary Autoworld our very generous sponsor

Posted by on Jan 21, 2020

L Cleary Autoworld

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Gerry Andrews FIPF, ARPS

Posted by on Apr 2, 2018

See you all at the Gerry Andrews presentation at the Ennis Camera Club in Powers pub Clarecastle on Tuesday night April 3rd at 8pm. Be seated by 7:45pm.       Thanks to Ennis Camera Club for the invitation to attend.

Gerry Andrews copy



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