Club Programme Jan 21st – Mar 21st 2016

Posted by on Mar 7, 2016

Programme January 11th –  Mar 21st 2016 

Jan 11th                Photo League.            My Christmas.

Jan 20th                 Hosting visit of Robert Thompson, Nature, Landscape, & Macro photographer.

Jan 24th                 SACC Nature regional round, Celtis Ross Hotel, Rosscarberry.

Jan 25th                Photo League.       Printing a basic overview. Remember calendar photos for December.

                                 Exercise: Street photography for February 15th.

Feb 1st                   Photo League. Lighting workshop. Bring cameras. Show results March 14th.

Feb 8th                   Photo League, Mono only.   Photoshop Tutorials.                          

Feb 15th                Photo League.   Bring back Street Photography, 3-5 on memory stick.

Exercise: Ireland 2016 for March 7th. 

Feb 20th/21st        IPF Photographer of the Year and Nature Photographer of The Year, Kilkenny. 

Feb 22nd                Photo League,  Gerry Butler presents a selection of his work. 

Feb 29th                 Photo League.   One print illustrating John Lennon’s song,    ” Imagine”

Mar 5th                    Distinctions, Dumamaise Arts Centre, Portlaoise. Ls & As only. 

March 7th              Photo League. Return Ireland 2016,  3-5 on memory stick.

March 14th            Photo League. Announce Spring Trail.  Show results of Lighting workshop or similar photos.

March 17th – 20th Shoot Spring Trail.

Mar 21st                  Speaker.

                                  Exercise: Abstract Photography for April 11th. 

March 28th            Easter Monday, No Club return after Easter for Spring Trail on April 4th 

April 4th                Spring Trail  judgement night with the usual trimmings.